other designs on request/ fig. shows standard construction

SG pro

The SG pro is a derivative of our stomping ground shape but tuned up for fast down-the-line performance and tightest turning angles. To make it happen we added a deep single concave as well as a pronounced rockerline and thinned out the rails. Turning the board at high velocities requires minimum energy input and rail-to-rail transitions become uber-easy. This board enables you to generate sprays which will significantly humidify the environment. S fins suit the board very well when waves are somewhat smaller and less powerful (1-2 m face height) but we suggest adding larger fins for more drive when conditions are getting serious.

The board feels at home in powerful down-the-line conditions. Nevertheless, it is also a lot of fun to ride in smaller Baltic or North Sea conditions due to its high agility.

So we still need to clarify which rider-type would choose this board. Most certainly, you do not want to miss this stick if your primary areas of application are powerful oversea destinations like Mauritius or Cape Town. Obviously, a board optimized for these conditions asks for a rider with some experience. You could compare the SG pro with a wild Mustang. It will buck you off until you figure out how to tame it. But as soon as you understood how to ride Fury, it will push your skills to the next level.



Standard Construction Crêpe Construction
5'9'' x 18'' x 2'' (23,0 L) 5'9'' x 18'' x 1 ⅔'' (21,0 L)
5'11'' x 18 ¼'' x 2'' (24,6 L) 5'11'' x 18 ¼'' x 1 ⅔'' (22,6 L)
6'1'' x 18 ½'' x 2'' (26,5 L) 6'1'' x 18 ½'' x 1 ⅔'' (24,5 L)


You can order the board with or without inserts. Inserts will add some extra weight of about 50 g. We prefer FCSII as fin setup but we also offer FCSI in case this is needed. Fins and a suitable FCS or Gorilla traction pad can be ordered separately.


The FCSII Performer fins provide a nice balance between aggressiveness and control. These fins will suit most conditions. Riders who want to maximize the spray intensity could use FCSII KA fins, ideally a bit smaller than the usual choice. This will add a bit of extra skatey feeling and enhance the release. On big days you may want to choose fins with more drive like FCSII Carver fins in relatively large size. They will reduce maneuverability of the board but add the necessary extra amount of control in the bottom turn where it is absolutely essential to avoid face-planting into a grunty Southern Ocean groundswell wave.