Stomping Ground

The Stomping Ground is the flagship of the DSP fleet. The ultimate high performance all-rounder, specialized on North and Baltic Sea waves. The outline was adapted from a traditional shortboard. The 5'8 is easy to control and ultra-reactive, the 5'6" spins a little bit faster. You will realize that our novel "bionic flex design" makes the board feel alive, more than anything you were surfing before, without compromising durability.

The Stomping Ground is the board that is most frequently used by our team. Its versatility allows you to destroy Baltic chop and improve your railgame by carving beautiful North Sea waves. Alternatively, you may want to enter the airgame to work on your freestyle skills. Prepare for takeoff! The Stomping Ground is among the lightest boards you will find on the market – sufficiently light to launch like Apollo 11 but robust enough to withstand Apollo 13-like fails.



You can order the board with or without inserts. Inserts will add some extra weight of about 50 g. We prefer Future but we also offer FCSI in case this is needed. Fins and a suitable traction pad can be ordered separately.



Dimensions: 5'8" x 18 ⅓" (23L) , 2,8kg 
                         5'6" x 18"    (21L)  , 2,7kg


The stomping ground perfectly balanced with normal m-fins. Riders with less power in their legs may prefer a bit smaller fins as these allow a much easier transition from carving to sliding. Riders who need to maximize control at high velocity, prefer turning the board in wide arcs, and require optimum upwind abilities should check out FCSII Carver fins.



1150 EUR

Carbonlaminat OR Inegra S Laminat

100 EUR

Inserts for Straps

30 EUR

special Colour (on request)

30 EUR

Note: Basicprice includes standard glassing and standardcolour (white base with either red, green, blue or yellow Filler)