The Afterbang

Ok guys let’s be honest. This board isn’t gonna win a beauty contest. Dwarfism, straight outline, bulging rails, a strange bat tail, and very little rocker… but all of this was did not play a role when we conceptualized the Afterbang. We simply wanted to create the best strapless freestyle board on the market. Without compromising on the design. And all these rather unattractive features are unfortunately ideal for aerial kitesurfing. The straight outline makes the wind push the board evenly against your feet when you go up. The reduced length is much easier to rotate than usual shortboards. The bat tail enables effortless rail-to-rail transitions. The relatively flat rocker is easy to slide and strongly improves the low wind abilities. The bulging rails stabilize the board and allow us to remove material in the standing area. This leads to a concave shape of the deck which hangs incredibly well on your feet. Ultimately, the combination of all these design features enabled us to reduce the weight to 2.7 kg – including fins, wax, and pad. Low weight is absolutely crucial for aerial maneuvers but hardly ever realized because few constructions are tough enough to deal with the enormous stress.

The first freestyle session with the Afterbang was an eye-opener for all of us. Every maneuver we were able to do with the stomping ground was 30 % easier with the Afterbang. Pulling out the hardest trick of the repertoire, clean landing and riding it out like a thug. Without wohooooo, without any ridiculous claims, just like stomping this trick means nothing to you. That moment after the landing where you let everyone at the beach know that you are the boss gave the board its name - the Afterbang.

Dimensions: 5'0" x 18⅓" (13L) 2,4kg

We constructed this board for aerial kitesurfing but how does it perform in waves? Certainly, the Danish Dynamite and the Stomping Ground perform much better when there is a quality swell coming in. For common every day conditions, however, the Afterbang works surprisingly well. There was this situation when we headed towards a quality wavespot and one of us forgot to bring the stomping ground (due to hangover issues) so that he had to use the Afterbang. After freaking out on the parking the mood brightened rapidly as soon as hitting the water. The Afterbang is extremely easy to turn on the wave face so that he learnt the wave 360 on that day.

The Afterbang is not only our freestyle weapon of choice but also our designated foil board. Foil boards are typically small, boxy, and should be light. All these criteria are met by the Afterbang. So if you are thinking about upgrading your strapless freestyle skills you receive an above-average foil board as well. The mount to attach mast (i.e. 4 holes in the deck) is optional and does not increase the weight of the board. So there is no compromise on the freestyle performance!



990 EUR


100 EUR

Inserts for Straps

30 EUR


50 EUR

special Colour (on request)

30 EUR

Note: Basicprice includes standard glassing and standardcolour (white base and white Filler)