Danish Dynamite

We are red, we are white, we are Danish dynamite!!! Who doesn’t remember the legendary Danish team from 1992? Schmeichel, the Laudrup brothers, greatness… And then the ultimate win against Germany in the 92 European Championship final. Nobody had them in their minds and all the sudden they are THE thing the Football world had to offer.

Approximately like the Danes must have felt in 92, I felt when I drew the first carve with this board in a clean North Sea wave. Andreas gave me the prototype to test when I went to Northern Denmark. His idea was to have something with a bit more surface area for better glide and to be a bit less agro than the stomping ground. Something that generates more power in smaller surf typically prevailing at our North and Baltic Sea. And this was definitely a good idea. Hitting my first wave in Hanstholm and the board took off like dynamite.

Ok so what did we do? We started with the out- and rocker line of the stomping ground and added one inch of width to provide more surface area. Additionally, and probably even more importantly, we added channels to the bottom contour which streamline the water movement. This gives additional grip and provides a little bit less loose feeling but adds significant speed and makes the board easier to control. The channels are harmonized with the fish tail and enable effortless rail-to-rail surfing, especially under high speeds.

Aerials are similarly easy as with the stomping ground. This means it is obviously not the a rotation machine like the Afterbang, simply because it is considerably longer. However, it is still above average because its very low weight in combination with the unmatched flex.

This sled is an easy to control and slightly less radical version of the stomping ground, tuned for smaller and less powerful surf. Take it to Denmark on these typical summer days and you will understand why we baptized it the Danish Dynamite.   

Dimensions: 5'8" x 19", 2,9kg



1190 EUR

Carbonlaminat OR Inegra S Laminat

100 EUR

Inserts for Straps

30 EUR

special colour (on request)

30 EUR

Note: Basicprice includes standard glassing and standardcolour (white base with either red, green, blue or yellow Filler)